Winter Season 2017 Tickets

During winter season, you can visit our lovely attractions. The Aquarium and Näsinneula Observation Tower are open every day. The Planetarium is open on Saturdays and Sundays. During the weekends, the Day Ticket is the easiest and most affordable way to visit all three attractions. Children under the age of 3 visit us free of charge. Check the opening hours.


Aquarium 12,90 €

Näsinneula Observation Tower 5,90 €

Planetarium 9,90 € Available on Saturday and Sundays.

Day Ticket 19,90 € Available on Saturdays and Sundays. Includes admission to the Aquarium, Näsinneula Observation Tower and the Planetarium for one day.


Creepy Carnival

Särkänniemi welcomes everybody to take a thrill ride through the amusement park in October! Come and enjoy the rides and colourful carnival atmosphere of Särkänniemi with a scary twist! Just when you thought our new roller coaster, Hype, was the most frightening thing about Särkänniemi, here comes Creepy Carnival!

Creepy Carnival is celebrated during the schools’ autumn break week from October 14th to 21st (the park is not open on Monday October 16th). During Creepy Carnival, the theme park is open from 1 PM to 9 PM daily.

Buy your tickets to the Creepy Carnival online in advance to get the best price!

Creepy Carnival Wrisband

Creepy Carnival Wristband (over 120 cm) 24,90 € (normally 26,90 €), buy here!
Creepy Carnival Wristband (under 120 cm) 19,90 € (normally 21,90 €), buy here!

Creepy Carnival Wristband includes admission to the Creepy Carnival as well as all the creepy attractions (Aquarium, Planetarium, Näsinneula Observation Tower) and rides (there are some safety restrictions) in the carnival area for one day.

Creepy Carnival Entrance Ticket

Creepy Carnival Entrance Ticket 9,90 €, buy here!

Creepy Carnival Entrance Ticket includes single admission to the carnival area. For the rides you need single tickets or the Creepy Carnival Wristband.

50% off with the Särkänniemi Season Card

Särkänniemi Season Card holders for the summer season 2017 get a 50% discount on all Creepy Carnival Wristbands and Entrance Tickets bought at the amusement park. Only 1 ticket product / Season Card.