Dolphinarium 13
Planetarium 12,14
Aquarium 11.00 - 21.00
Näsinneula Tower 11.00 - 23.30
Restaurant Näsinneula 11.00 - 23.30
Sara Hildén Art Museum 10.00 - 18.00
Rides and Angry Birds Land Suljettu
Doghill Suljettu

Särkänniemi Adventure Park is closed 23th to 26th of December


Särkänniemi Adventure Park is closed 23th to 26th of December. All Särkänniemi Adventure park´s attractions are closed during that time. Särkänniemi wishes merry Christmas to you all!

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Särkänniemi Adventure Park is closed 6th of November


All Särkänniemi Adventure park´s attractions are closed 6th of November due personnel training. 

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Easiest way to find out what to do in Särkänniemi!

There are over 30 rides in Särkänniemi, offering wild whirls, gentle swaying and other fun experiences spiced with sprays of water, for example. Easiest way to see wchich ride is suitable for you is to check it out in our mobile application:

Or if you want to see our variation of restaurants or café´s, you can find it here too!

In Särkänniemi area there is also free wireless network, Sarkka Open, that you can use during your visit.

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SpeedBoat Särkänniemi combines water and speed


Prepare yourself for the thrill and excitement of the ultimate Särkänniemi Speedboat experience. It’s a breathtaking water ride you’ll never forget!

SpeedBoat Särkänniemi is a super jet boat manufactured in New Zealand. The craft is propelled by two 250 hp Volvo motors installed side by side, along with two Hamilton 213 jet drives. The direction and power of each jet can be controlled independently. This means that the boat can turn 180° at travel speed and spin on the spot. The craft does not feature traditional propellers. The speedboat boasts 500 hp and a top speed of 45 knots. Thanks to its unique motor technology, the craft is more environmentally-friendly and quiet than other similar boats.

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Särkänniemi Adventure Park, known for its Angry Birds Land, will open a new theme area this summer


Särkänniemi Adventure Park, situated in Tampere, Finland, will open a new Theme Area in summer 2013. Särkänniemi Doghill is based on the characters created by Mauri Kunnas, a Finnish writer known all over the world. New area will be about 1 hectare, and replace old Children´s Zoo. The whole ensemble will include the Town of Doghill, Doghill Farm as well as  Drakkula’s Castle. In addition, a new stage and a new stable will be built in the area. The animals from the zoo will move to the new area. Särkänniemi Doghill is based on a combination of creativity, entertainment and functionality. For the Särkänniemi Adventure Park, it is the largest investment of the 21st century.

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