Särkänniemi to dicontinue its dolphinarium activities

The board of governors of Tampereen Särkänniemi Ltd has decided to discontinue dolphinarium activities and close the dolphinarium. The dolphinarium now concentrates on rehousing the dolphins, and no more performances are planned. The dolphins will not be sold, and the ownership will stay with Särkänniemi until the end. Click to read the press release about dolphinarium.

Bottlenose fun

Our four bottlenose dolphins – Veera, Delfi, Leevi and Eevertti – charm you with their skill and cheerful goings-on.

We invite you to make acquaintance with a unique underworld environment under the guidance of the Särkänniemi bottlenose quartet. Between brisk performances, you learn many new and extraordinary things about the life of a fascinating mammal in an underwater world.

Did you know that dolphins are so strong that they can “walk” on water? Or that they have their own sonar which they use to identify their prey and navigate in waterways? Welcome to the Dolphinarium to see, hear and experience more!

For Veera, Delfi, Leevi and Eevertti, performances are voluntary play in which the trainers participate. Many of the brisk tasks are invented by the dolphins themselves. In addition to performing, the dolphins spend their day training, feeding, playing and frolicking with other dolphins.

Facts about Dolphinarium

  • Opened in 1985
  • The expansion/renovation completed in 2007 doubled the area and volume of the pools
  • Uses a biological water purification system
  • Home to four bottlenose dolphins
  • The northernmost dolphinarium in the world has 1,000 seats
  • Open throughout the year