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Planetarium 12,14
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Näsinneula Tower 11.00 - 23.30
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Rides and Angry Birds Land Suljettu
Doghill Suljettu

World's first Angry Birds Land!

Squawk! Angry Birds Land is resting during the winter season. See you again in spring 2014!

Last years addition to Särkänniemi has had tongues wagging both at home and internationally. Area has been featured in the news all over Europe as well as further afield in places like India and China!

Angry Birds Land is sure to woo families and younger children with a host of familiar attractions and new rides that are all themed according to the Angry Birds motif.

Last years new ride were Lighthouse and Angry Birds Ride. The cars of Angry Birds Ride are shaped like the familiar red birds and they are suitable for the whole family. The birds bounce about in a surprising manner, making the attraction great fun for the youngest family members as well.

The fiercer alternative Lighthouse soars high above Särkänniemi and provides a magnificent vantage point to the beautiful surrounding landscape. The bouncing cars will give your belly a pleasant case of the jitters!

Angry Birds Adventure Course, which is built by Lappset Group and rises in the middle of the area, forms the heart of Angry Birds Land. It includes tunnels, staircases, slides and secret passages in all directions. Can you find the eggs hidden by the green pigs?

The area also includes an Angry Birds themed store, which sells all kinds of Angry Birds items ranging from cuddly toys and t-shirts to sweets and lunch boxes. More tasty treats can be found in the area's two kiosks Mighty Eagle Snacks and Red Bird Sweets.

No theme area would be complete without amusement park games. Our Pig Popper game lets you and your friends bombard the pigs together. Or, should you wish to ensure that you win, head for Duck Pond, where everyone is an assured winner!