All Aboard the Hype Train!

Get ready because this summer you’re going to need to buckle up! Thrill-seekers are being pampered as Särkänniemi secures its place as 2017’s top theme park in Finland with its stellar new ride addition Hype – designed by the famous Premier Rides all the way from the United States. Summer 2016’s hugely popular ride X warmly welcomes its new thrill-inducing partner; Hype is so far the fastest, highest and coolest ride Särkänniemi has acquired.

Hype is the first triple-launch roller coaster in the Nordic countries, and also the highest launch coaster in Finland. Hype accelerates to a maximum speed of 100 km/h and launches passengers vertically to 45 meters above ground. At its highest point the track makes an inversion and afterwards drops passengers straight down into a vertical loop before returning to the station. All aboard the Hype Train!

Hype became operational on Thursday June 15th. The official opening festivities were held on Sunday June 18th with Finland’s greatest pop star Robin!

This summer’s tickets are now for sale at a huge discount! Get your tickets now and use them whenever you want during the summer season of 2017. The earlier you buy the tickets, the cheaper they are. Don’t miss out on this year’s coolest experience – buy your tickets now!

Technical specifications:

Top speed: 100 km/h
Highest point: 45 m
Track length: 260 m
Ride time: 55 s
Minimum height limit: 140 cm
Manufacturer: Premier Rides, USA

Challenge your friend to ride the Hype train!

#HypeChallenge is this summer´s hottest thing! Challenge your friend (or “friend”) to ride the Hype and get them the ticket in advance – so they can’t say no! You can purchase the Hype Challenge here.