We welcome you to sit under the starry dome!

The unique image world of the Planetarium surrounds the spectator from different sides and gives more dimensions to visual experiences. The multimedia sky of the Särkänniemi Planetarium shows new programmes every year. We welcome you to experience armchair travel to the bowels of the starry sky! The Planetarium can be used not only for traditional star shows but also for music and theatre performances, various presentations and meetings and seminars.

The beauty of the night sky masks the fierce forces at work in the universe. The film Me muukalaiset (We Are the Aliens) takes viewers on a fantastic adventure into space to solve an interesting question: Are we alone? The fascinating topic and great visualisation guarentee an unforgettable experience int he Planetarium’s full dome theatre.  The Planetarium also shows an animated programme Puiden elämää (The Life of Trees). The Planetarium’s films are not suitable for children under three years old.