New Game Square and rides

All of the family favourites are situated in the heart of the park. Test your skills and try your luck on one of the Game Square’s fun amusement park games or watch all the fun from the sidelines with a cup of coffee while the kids go wild.

You can take a break from wild rides by playing numerous amusement park games where Lady Luck’s favour and an accurate throwing arm decide the end result. You can try your luck and test your skills by beating moles to your heart’s content in Myyrätälli or spurring your dolphin to a fastest swim in Delfiinipeli.  If fortune does not favour you otherwise, you can grab a sure prize in Narunveto.

There are video simulators and other pastime slot machines in the Pelikan arcade in Pizzeria Pelle. In addition, there are various slot machines as well as skill, dance and strength games all around the Särkänniemi grounds.

Game price is 2-3 €/game. You can also buy Game coupon booklet which are sold for all games during Särkänniemi’s summer season. Price is 10 €/6 games.