Doghill Fairytale Farm

Särkänniemi’s Doghill Fairytale Farm invites visitors to step right into a fairytale world based on Finnish author and illustrator Mauri Kunnas’ works. Doghill Fairytale Farm is divided into Pawhill, a town and a farm, all of which offer many exciting things to see and do. Various play areas, beautiful buildings and real animals welcome visitors to step into a 19th century world with a touch of modern fun.

At Doghill Fairytale Farm at Särkänniemi, it’s all like a fairytale, but you can experience everything for real. Where would you like to start – should we go and greet the piggies or have a coffee in Doghill town? Or perhaps to Pawhill to watch a performance by the Paw Theatre.

Town of Doghill

Oh, how posh! At Café Guggelböö you can enjoy truly delightful delicacies. Messieurs Teemperi and Rakkinoff are also busy at work in the Town of Doghill. The pharmacy Tropin & Nekun
apteekki will provide you with sweets in pill jars from the olden times.

Doghill Farm

It’s nice in the countryside! At the Doghill farmhouse, you can play just like in the olden days, and you can slide down the oven. Almost real cows are milked and kept in the cowshed, and toy horses are looked after in the stables.


Paw your way this way if you want your creativity to shine. Paint your own Doghill using Matu’s easel, and be sure to check out the performances of the Paw Theatre.

String Pull at Doghill

You can find many neat things at Särkänniemi’s Doghill, including the fun String Pull . Try your luck and see what you’ll find at the end of the string!