Santa Claus’ Christmas at Doghill Fairytale Farm

Step inside the Doghill Christmas story! Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit at Doghill Fairytale Farm starting on November 30th – meet the real Santa Claus and his elves, decorate gingerbread cookies and pet adorable reindeer! During the festival the residents of Doghill Fairytale Farm take a well-deserved break from hard work and enjoy the holidays together with visitors.

Doghill Christmas opening hours 2017:

30.11.–01.12.   17–20
02.12.–03.12.  15–19
09.12.–10.12.  15–19
16.12.–17.12.   15–19
27.12.–28.12.  15–19

Meet the real Santa Claus

This year Santa Claus, his elves and reindeer all gather at Doghill Fairytale Farm to prepare Santa Claus’ sleigh for its magical trip around the world. Doghill visitors get to join Christmas crafting workshops, decorate gingerbread cookies and Christmas cards. All of these workshops and materials used are included in the ticket price. At Doghill, Santa gladly listens to children’s Christmas present wishes, and visitors can also take a photo together with him every day until Christmas!


Visitors can go and visit Santa’s reindeer at an enclosure at the edge of the Doghill town. Other Doghill animals, such as minipigs, mangalicas, sheep and little goats, can also be seen daily around the park.


Café Von Guggelböö serves the town’s sweetest treats and tastiest savory foods – Doghill residents especially recommend the warm and delicious Christmas porridge and hot chocolate! Gunnas Bookstore and Tropin & Nekun Apteekki Candy Store offers great deals for Christmas shopping. During the festival, the elves walk around town and invite visitors to join in their games. When the night falls, the visitors can relax and admire a spectacular fire show on the Doghill stage!

Koiramaen Narunveto

Get your tickets now and join the Christmas celebration!

Doghill Christmas Ticket 16,90€ at gate / 14,90€ online pre-purchase
Christmas Pass (includes Doghill, Planetarium, Aquarium and Observation Tower) 23,90€ at gate / 21,90€ online pre-purchase

You can download our Christmas brochure here.

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