Fast food

In the summertime, there are several fast food grills and smaller kiosks in the Särkänniemi area. Their versatile selection offers something for everyone. They have dishes for amusement seekers of all sizes and ages, for big and slightly smaller hungers.

Neulanen Street food
Restaurant Näsinneula’s terrace restaurant serves street food from quality raw ingredients skilfully paired with drinks recommendations. Come and try one of the popular hot dogs or pulled pork potato salad.

Koski Grill
If you are going to the Doghill or coming from there, you can stop at Koski Grill, next to Half Pipe, to have a chicken fingers or a hot dog. There is a terrace reserved for grill customers in front of the grill.

There is a small hot dog kiosk right at the main gate. It sells hot dogs and Tampere-style meat pies from morning till night. Buy cold drinks here and coffee at the Koskiaukio kiosk next to it.

Suolapala serves traditional Finnish grill delicacies to amusement seekers of all sizes. It is situated at the edge of Angry Birds Land, and its praised sausage fries satisfy even a big hunger with all their spices.

Game Square Snacks
Game Square Snacks serves meat and vegetarian meatballs as well as chicken fingers. The grill is situated at Game square.

Special diets
Almost all points of sale have lactose-free and gluten-free products. You can ask our staff about them. We have tried to minimise the contact between gluten-free and gluten-containing ingredients, but because all products are made in the same space, it is difficult to completely prevent the mixture of ingredients. Most of our restaurants, cafés, grills and kiosks also have a vegetarian alternative.